Things you can expect from Far Cry Primal and All its Features

By | December 18, 2015

Things you can expect from Far Cry Primal and All its Features

If you are an avid gamer, you probably are waiting enthusiastically for the new game release in 2016. It turns out that there wills plenty of amazing game in 2016 for those who plays Xbox or PlayStation. Some of them have even received wide media coverage about the feature and the gameplay. If you love action adventure games, you will love this game called the Far Cry Primal. It is possibly one of the most anticipated games to be released in 2016. If you want to know more about Far cry primal and all its features, stay tuned and read this article.

About the Game

Most of you have probably known about this amazing game. But for those who haven’t, it is time for you to get introduced to the game. Far Cry Primal is an action adventure game that is set in the Mesolithic age. In this game, you will have to survive in the ancient times where dinosaurs and cavemen exist. You will have to face many enemies using weapons that you build by yourself. You can even tame a few beasts to make it as your companion. In sum, this game will rock your world!

Weapon Making Feature

The first feature that excites so many far criesgames is the weapon making a feature. In the previous far cry version, you can buy your weapon from the store. But in Far Cry primal, you will have to build the weapon yourself using the available material. You can build weapons such as bow and arrows, axe, spears, and many other ancient weapons. You can even set a trap to capture wild animals in this version. Certainly it makes more sense to make your own weapon as you live in the pre-historic times.

Human Enemies

It seems that far cry primal will include a more diversified types of enemy. As you know, people lived in a tribe back in the pre-historic times. In this game, you can expect to meet several tribal people in the game. But what you might not know is that they might be dangerous for you. These tribal people might be one of your enemies. They might even become more dangerous than the regular animal or beast enemy in the game. In doing so, the game will be a lot more exciting and thrilling to be played.

Bigger and Scarier Animals

Since far cry primal is set in the prehistoric times, it is only fitting that the animals are bigger and more dangerous. In this version of the game, there will be giant prehistoric animals that can be dangerous. You can expect to see animals such as dire wolves, giant armadillos, giant beavers, and so many other giant animals. If there is a feature that people love from previous versions is that you can ride animals. In far cry four, you can ride an elephant. Maybe it will be possible for your avatar to ride a giant animal in this version of far cry.

The Day-Night Cycle

One of the new features in Far Cry Primal is the day and night cycle. By enjoying two times of the day, you will experience two different situations in the game. Some enemies might turn into more dangerous and threatening than in the day. It does not mean that the game will be easier to play in the day, but the night feature can be a nice addition. You will be able to play in a situation like never before which resembles real life and real danger.

Surprise Feature

In every far cry games, there is always one feature that everybody does not expect to exist. We can assume safely that there might be a new surprise feature in this version. It might be possible that Ubisoft will add a hidden feature such a modern weapon into the mix. It seems like a fun thing to do to fight against prehistoric tribal people using modern weaponry. Plus it will create such a riot if such thing were to happen. I guess to see the full on feature of far cry primal; we will have to wait until February 2016 which is not that long of a time.

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